Not only does your roof protect you from the outdoor elements, it also plays a big part in the overall look and style of your home.

30% of the exterior visual look to your home is your roof. The difference between a nice house and a beautiful house is in the detail.

Your roof is one way to achieve your point of difference.

If you are contemplating building you might not have given your roof as much thought as you probably should have. It pays to think of your roof design early on as once your floor plan is set, it can limit your roof options.

The strength of the framing and the slope of the roof could limit your choices.

Depending on what kind of roof you would like will affect the entire home design e.g. extra truss support is required to hold the weight of heavier materials such as concrete tiles.

Like everything, preparation is key. Do your homework early to escape headaches.

In order to avoid costly mistakes, consult an architect or a roofing specialist.

Look Up!

First off, take a drive around and work out what roofs you do and don’t like taking specific notes regarding colour, material and design.

If you have a section already, look at the neighbouring houses, are the roofs all similar? Or is there a vast mix of colours and materials?

Some subdivisions have covenants regulating the roof pitch/angle or the colour scheme that you can have.

There is a variety of different roof products including concrete tile, pressed steel, corrugated iron, long-run iron, timber shingles and asphalt shingles.

Take into consideration longevity, durability, warranty, cost, maintenance as well as the overall aesthetics.

The shape and angle of the roof could limit what material can be used. Each material will have a specific minimal slope, metal roofs can be laid on a minimal 3 degree pitch, concrete tiles require a minimum of a 10 degree pitch and with asphalt a 15 to 18 degree minimum pitch is recommended.

If your home has a steep pitch, choosing the right roofing material will be critical because of your roofs dominant presence. Selecting a material that is aesthetically pleasing will add to your overall homes street appeal and value.

Architecturally Designed

A number of architecturally designed homes utilise metal roofs to achieve a seamless, sophisticated design or to make a bold statement with striking exterior colour.

Metal roofs are lightweight, durable, come in a variety of colours and can be cut, curved and painted allowing bold looks to be achieved.

A roof is not just a roof, it can completely transform the look and feel of your home.

Take your time and use the expert’s knowledge to achieve your ‘crowning glory’.